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About us

The VDO building Neustadt, Weinstraße Germany

Cycle Parts GmbH’s corporate history dates back to April 1999 when the company was established as an independent GmbH. Shortly after, in May 1999, it took over the cycle computer division of VDO and thus the global sales rights to the cycle computers and heart rate monitors – a highly promising business field based on powerful product innovations. The VDO world is emblematic of synergies between technology and nature. This is anchored in all forms of communication – in a straightforward, close-to-nature manner.

The offices and warehouses on Weinstraße in Neustadt act as the central hub for the distribution network, which now stretches to 50 countries around the world. A look back at the successful market trends to date highlights the fact that VDO’s development is driven by innovations:

2003: MC 1.0 and HC 12.6

2005: digital wireless technology with the C-series

2007: A-series

2008: Z-series, digital with ANT+ wireless technology

2009: X-series, double wireless, digital transmission

2010: GP7, bike GPS navigator

2011: MC 2.0, successor to the legendary MC 1.0

2014: M-series


Certified, persistent care is our top priority. After all, developing a new product can sometimes take many years and involve innumerable hours of testing under the consideration of the broadest range of test scenarios. Only once a product has passed all tests with flying colours and all concerns have been fully allayed does series production begin.

During production, quality is assured through tests conducted at random. The products are then packaged by hand and send straight to customers all over the world. After the sale, a professional service team is committed to providing customers with answers to as many questions as possible. These highly qualified employees are ideally prepared for the job, have in-depth knowledge of all the products and their functions and are happy to help customers to configure the devices in as user-friendly a manner as possible.

Certified, persistent care is our top priority