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A ‘no-frills’ cycle computer.

And with all basic functions on board.

The VDO M1.1

The VDO M1.1 focuses on the essential bike functions and displays two of them permanentely. This enables users to keep a constant eye on all the important functions and features.

The best choice for those who like to keep things simple.

The M1.1 is available in 2 versions – WR and WL.

  • Battery status
    M1.1 Battery status
  • Data storage during battery changes
    M1.1 Data storage
  • Splashproof
     M1.1 Splashproof
  • One configurable wheel size
     M1.1 One configurable wheel size
  • SSB
Wired M1.1
Wired M1.1

Wired speed

Wireless M1.1
Wireless M1.1

Analogue, wireless
speed transmission

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