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VDO M2.1
With a calorie counter
and two statistics
on the display.

Its impressively large display makes the VDO M2.1 easy to read while cycling. It offers plenty of space to display two statistics using particularly large digits, which can be read quickly so that users can keep their eyes on the route ahead.

VDO M2.1 easy to read while cycling

Simply compare it for yourself!
Print out the display here in the original size:

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The M2.1
bike functions

The space is used for all functions extremely effectively: navigate to the information on speed, distance, ride time and average speed, as well as the clock.

Speed comparison

Above or below the average speed? The M2 can do more than just display the unit for the speed (kmh or mph); it also provides a direct comparison between the current and average speeds. The meaning of the values is instantly evident thanks to clear indicator arrows.

M2.1 Speed comparison

Additional functions

As a versatile device, the M2 is equipped with
multiple additional features. These include the
low battery warning for the basic device and the
full text display.

M2.1 Low battery warning

Low battery warning
All M-series models continually notify their users about the battery status. If the power level is critical, a prominent low battery message immediately appears on the display.

The data and settings are never lost when replacing the battery as the device automatically and reliably stores them in advance.

M2.1 Full text display

Full text display
User guidance par excellence: all M-series products have a full text display. Every function accessed appears with a precise name so that it is extremely easy to see which function is selected.

Calorie function

The large display, totals, including for calories, and current calorie burn information make the VDO M2.1 a genuine motivator. Two statistics appear on the display at all times for that extra motivational boost.

M2.1 Calorie function

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