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VDO M3.1
Compact housing, yet with
trip section measurement

Trip section counter

Similar to a stopwatch: Enabled, the VDO M3.1 does not only record the trip section time but also the distance travelled in this timeframe. This does not affect the totals for distance and ride time.

M3 records trip section time and distance

The navigator

Road book ready: the navigator is a completely independent trip distance counter. Simply define a value and the VDO M3.1 will count up or down from it.

M3 independent trip distance counter

Display Backlight

The M3.1 comes with a backlit display. WIth backlight mode enabled, any button pressed, the display is illuminated for a few seconds. Even in twilight or darkness reading your display is not a problem anymore.

Backlit display


The M3.1 WL is candence-ready. This function requires the optional D3 cadence transmitter.


Additional functions

The M3.1 has additional functions. Amongst others, a low battery warning for the computer and a tire chart to find and set the wheel size.

M3 Low battery warning

Low battery warning
All Mseries models continually notify their users about the battery status. If the power level is critical, a prominent low battery message immediately appears on the display.

Data and settings are never lost when replacing the battery as the device automatically and reliably stores them in advance.

M3.1 tyres can be selected from a tyre list

Wheel size configuration
The respective wheel size can be selected from a tire chart. This helps setting up a lot quicker.

M3 Full text display

Full text display
Clear, straightforward user guidance:
The chosen function is underlined with its precise description so there is no doubt about the information selected.

M3.1 Accessing the totals

Accessing the totals
The totals for the distance travelled and the ride time are accessed separately from the data for the CURRENT trip.

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