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The One To Fly High

Altitude measuring with pinpoint precision.

The VDO M4.1

The VDO M4.1 measures and displays altitude precisely and in real time. The four-part display is backlit and indicates the most important bike functions.

The perfect choice to climb new heights.

The M4.1 is available in 2 versions – WR and WL.

  • Battery status
    M4 Battery status
  • Data storage during battery changes
    M4 Data storage
  • Splashproof
    M4 Splashproof
  • Can be used for two bikes
    M4 Can be used for two bikes
  • Tyre size table
    M4 Tyre size table
  • Altitude measurement
    M4 Altitude measurement
  • Display backlight
    M4 Display backlight
  • SSB
Wired M4
Wired M4

Wired speed transmission

Digital, wireless M4
Digital, wireless M4

Digital, wireless speed transmission
* Cadence retrofitted

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