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VDO M4.1
Permanent and precise
altitude measurement.

Living the high life

Measurements at the highest level: thanks to its precise barometric measuring function, the VDO M4 displays the most important altitude functions – from the current altitude through the maximum gradient downhill to the altitude gain/loss for the year. The altitude data for the current trip can also be viewed at the push of a button.


M4 Current gradient uphill/downhill
Current gradient uphill/downhill
M4 Altitude gain
Altitude gain
M4 Maximum altitude
Maximum altitude
M4 Average gradient uphill
Average gradient uphill
M4 Maximum gradient uphill
Maximum gradient uphill
M4 Altitude loss
Altitude loss
M4 Average gradient downhill
Average gradient downhill
M4 Maximum gradient downhill
Maximum gradient downhill

A clear view

High levels of functionality need a clear
overview and therefore clear structures: the
display area has clearly defined areas and
values together with the full text description.
Efficient structure on a backlit
display and therefore plenty of information at a glance.

M4 Display Efficient structure

Altitude Speed Selected functions Clear text for the function displayed


Road book ready: the navigator is a completely independent trip distance counter. Simply define a value and the VDO M4 will count up or down from it.

M4 independent trip distance counter


The wireless version of the VDO M4.1 can be set up to measure the current, average and maximum cadence by simply connecting the appropriate sensors (cadence transmitter).


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