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Athletes want to be flexible during practice.

With optional heart rate and cadence functions.

The VDO M5

The VDO M5 offers ample training freedom in combination with digital wireless transmission of not only speed, but also heart rate and cadence data (subject to modular expansion).

  • Heart rate
    M5 Heart rate
  • Cadence
    M5 Cadence
  • Battery status
    M5 Battery status
  • Data storage during battery changes
    M5 Data storage
  • Splashproof
    M5 Splashproof
  • Can be used for two bikes
    M5 Can be used for two bikes
  • Tyre size table
    M5 Tyre size table
  • Display backlight
    M5 Display backlight
M5 Digital Wireless
M5 Digital Wireless

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