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With optional heart rate
and cadence functions.

The Display

Clear structure for reliable data readouts:
the display area has clearly defined areas and enough space to show the individual function values together with the full text description. Efficient structure on a backlit display and therefore plenty of information at a glance.

M5 Display Efficient structure
Clock or heart rate (optional)
Selected functions
Temperature or cadence (optional)
M5 simple operation without distractions
SET button (press)
■ Scroll backwards
through the functions

SET button (press and hold)
■ Open the totals
■ Open the settings
BIKE button (press)
■ Access the bike functions

BIKE button (press and hold)
■ Reset trip data
to zero
TPC button (press)
■ Access the heart rate/
cadence functions
(if the heart rate/
cadence function is activated)
■ Access the totals

TPC button (press and hold)
■ Quickly select the heart rate
zones (if the heart rate
function is activated)

Button allocation

The M5 has three buttons

Minimalistic principle for the buttons: control as many functions with as few buttons as possible.

For simple operation without distractions.

Menu structure

The M5 is simple and intuitive to operate -
even while cycling.

Menu structure simple and intuitive

Menu structure simple and intuitive

Menu structure simple and intuitive

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