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With optional heart rate
and cadence functions.

Three-channel digital
wireless transmission

Multifunctionality on request: the VDO M5 can be optionally upgraded with a cadence and/or heart rate transmitter. The complete package shows three values on the display at the same time so as to precisely inform you how much you are demanding of your body.

M5 digital wireless transmission

Heart rate functions

Always in the optimum zone: if the heart rate option is enabled, the VDO M5 offers three training zones (FIT, FAT and OWN). Simply enter the maximum value for your heart rate (HR max) and the FIT and FAT zones will be automatically defined.

The FIT zone is between 70 and 80 percent of the maximum frequency and the FAT zone is between 55 and 70 percent. The training zone OWN is stored in the personal data. Three individually selectable zones for effective training.

VDO M5 offers three training zones

M5 Getting going again after a break

Auto-start function

Getting going again after a break is easier than ever: with nothing more than a movement of the handlebars, the auto-start function wakes up the VDO M5 from sleep mode. Simply start pedalling to continue the trip.

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