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For those who get their kicks climbing.

Detailed altitude measurement and trip memory.

The VDO M6.1

For those who are always aiming higher:

The VDO M6.1 precisely and comprehensively measures the altitude, constantly displaying the latest reading.

Everything is possible from the extensive storing of trip data to the wireless transmission of not only speed, but also heart rate and cadence data (subject to modular expansion).

  • 10-trip memory
    M3 10-trip memory
  • Heart rate
    M3 Heart rate
  • Cadence
    M3 Cadence
  • Battery status
    M3 Battery status
  • Data storage during battery changes
    M3 Data storage
  • Splashproof
    M3 Splashproof
  • Can be used for two bikes
    M3 Can be used for two bikes
  • Tyre size table
    M3 Tyre size table
  • Altitude measurement
    M3 Altitude measurement
  • Display backlight
    M3 Display backlight
Digital wireless M6.1
Digital wireless M6.1

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