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For more light and
safety on the move.

USB charging capability

The ECO LIGHT M60 has an integrated lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged within 3 hrs with the micro-USB cable which is supplied. To do this, the cable has to be connected to the micro-USB socket and to a PC or charging device (not included).

Lateral visibility

The ECO LIGHT M60 is designed to ensure good visibility in road traffic.

Battery/charge indicator

The control knob is not just for switching the light on and off or for changing the mode; it also indicates the status of the battery. If the battery charge level is only 25 % or less, the LED lights up red and the battery has to be charged. When the battery is charging, the LED indicator lights up green and goes out again as soon as the battery has been fully recharged.


The silicone holder is integrated in the device, as a result of which the ECO LIGHT M60 can be mounted on or removed from the handlebars without any tools.

60 Lux
70 m

30 Lux
50 m

15 Lux
25 m

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