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Simply twist into place,
start pedalling and have fun.


The M7 GPS’s display is divided into three sections.

The top section contains information about current altitude, GPS signal and battery status.

The middle section uses large, clearly legible digits to display the current speed.

The bottom section displays data about the current ride. The menu can also be found here.

Das Display
GPS signal
Value of the function emitted
Battery status
Minimalprinzip bei den Tasten
BIKE button (press)
■ Access the bike functions

ALTI button (press)
■ Display the altitude information
START button
■ Start/stop recording a ride

START button (press and hold)
■ Access the setting menu

Clear button functions

for an intuitive menu concept

Minimalistic principle for the buttons: control more functions with fewer buttons.

For simple operation without distractions.

Menu structure

The M7 GPS is simple and intuitive to use – even while you are riding.

Menüstruktur einfach und intuitiv

Menüstruktur einfach und intuitiv

Menüstruktur einfach und intuitiv

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