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With built-in handlebar mount
and single-button operation.


Clear structures for easy readability:
The square-shaped display is divided into top and bottom halves providing ample space to display function readouts and icons.

Display mit klarer Aufteilung
Value of the function emitted
Indicator for:
■ Speed (kmh/mph)
Icons indicating the function displayed
Minimalprinzip bei den Tasten
BIKE button (press)
■ Access the functions

BIKE button (press and hold)
■ Reset trip data to zero


The VDO M ZERO has one button

Minimalistic operating principle: all functions are controlled using one single button.

For simple operation without distractions.

Menu structure

The M ZERO is intuitive to use –
even while cycling.

Die Menüstruktur einfach und intuitiv

Die Menüstruktur einfach und intuitiv

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