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With built-in handlebar mount
and single-button operation.

The VDO M ZERO is super easy to use by offering compact dimensions for maximum ride enjoyment.

The M ZERO’s mount is firmly integrated into the housing, composing bike, computer and cyclist into an unbeatable unity.

Integrierte Halterung

Two distinct values
displayed all the time

The top half of the VDO M ZERO’s compact display always indicates current speed.

The bottom half offers ample space for a second value. The clear display can always be read at a glance without distracting from the route ahead.

Immer zwei Werte

Everything at a glance

The M ZERO’s various functions are visualised using icons.

The selected function can be quickly and intuitively identified. Sometimes, a picture can say more than a thousand words.

M ZERO Icons

Additional functions

In addition to the mandatory speed indicator, the M ZERO also offers several other useful functions. These include the indication of the trip distance, the ride time and the total distance as well as a clock (12h/24h).

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