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  • Bike functions

    Trip distance
    Ride time, aktuelle Tour
    Average / Max. speed
    Total distance bike 1 & bike 2
    Total distance (sum of bike 1 + bike 2)
    Total Ride time (sum of bike 1 + bike 2)
    Total Ride time bike 1 & bike 2
    GPS coordinates
    GPS signal strength / satellites
  • Altitude functions

    Current altitude/current gradient uphill/downhill
    Altitude gain/loss/values for the year
    Maximum altitude
    Average/max. gradient uphill/downhill
    Actual air pressure
    Max. speed uphill/downhill
    Maximum altitude bike 1 & bike 2
    Altitude of all trips
    Altitude of all trips, for Bike 1 and Bike 2
  • Pulse functions

    Current/average/max. heart rate
    Time below/in/above the training zone
    Current/average/max. heart rate
    Current heart rate as % of the pers. max. value
    Training zone (upper and lower limits)
    Calories/total calorie burn
  • Cadence functions

    Current/average/max. cadence
  • Features

    Battery indicator GP7
    Battery indicator transmitter (Speed, Pulse, Cadence)
  • Lap Training

    Lap time
    lap distance
    Lap-Average Speed
    Lap altitude

Operating instructions

On demand: the operating instructions for the cycle computer can be downloaded from this area in several languages. Simply select the relevant PDF and click to download it.