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  • Bike functions

    Speed 199 kmh/124 mph
    Trip distance to 9.999,99 KM/M
    Ride time 99:59:59 HH:MM:SS
    Time 12H-AM/PM-24H
    Total distance 199.999 KM/M
    Average (decimal places) 2
    Max. speed (decimal places) 2
    Clock (Bike 1/Bike 2) 9.999:59 HHHH:MM
    Speed comparison
    Trip section time/trip section distance
    Second distance counter, programmable
  • Features

    Speed transmission D3 digital wireless
    Heart rate transmission D3 digital wireless
    Cadence transmission D3 digital wireless
    Automatic pairing
    Automatic bike recognition
    Speed + heart rate + cadence simultaneously on the display
    Automatic start/stop Motion-Sensor
    Computer low battery warning
    Transmitter low battery warning
    Data storage during battery change (data + settings)
    Full text display
    Suitable for two bikes (two configurable bike sizes)
    Wheel size configuration via tyre list
    Display backlight
    Data memory for 10 trips
  • Altitude functions

    Current altitude/current gradient uphill/downhill
    Altitude profile for the trip
    Altitude gain/loss/values for the year
    Maximum altitude 4.999 M/16999ft
    Average/max. gradient uphill/downhill
    Distances uphill/downhill
  • Pulse functions

    Current/average/max. heart rate
    Heart rate progression diagram
    Heart rate zone graph, current heart rate as % of the pers. max. value
    Calories/total calorie burn
    Time below/in/above the training zone
    Three training zones FIT/FAT/OWN
    Intensity zones graph/four zones
  • Cadence functions

    Current/average/max. cadence

Product videos

For a clearer picture: this area offers product-related video tutorials, which answer many different questions: how can I configure the settings? How do I correctly attach and operate the device? Simply click a product to try it out.

WL (wireless)

  • Video ansehen Installation
  • Video ansehen Installation // Cadence
  • Video ansehen Operation
  • Video ansehen Settings
  • Video ansehen Transmitter
  • Video ansehen Calibration

Product demo

Use our product demo to fully familiarise yourself with all the products in the M-series. All functions can be tested 1:1 with the original. This gives you a reliable idea of how the devices are operated and how their displays work, as well as the many other highlights of the product series.

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benötigen Sie einen Desktop-PC inkl.
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